• Ai De Lara

3 Remedies you should Try for your Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a type of skin scars caused when the skin is tugged, stretched or shrunk.

The sudden change makes the skin’s collagen and elastin to rupture, which in effect produces the mark.

While some people are not bothered by the appearance of stretch marks, there’s still a majority whose confidence is affected. Fact is, we cannot totally get rid of stretch marks. And so, the search for the perfect home remedy began.

Look out for these ingredients in your local grocery or pharmacy!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been proven to help regenerate skin. It’s been gaining popularity these days as an active ingredient to skin care products. Now, we can’t say for sure that aloe vera can remove stretch marks completely, but there have been reviews and experiments that claim they do.

How to: Scoop a fresh gel from an aloe vera leaf and massage on to your marks. Leave overnight.

How long: Do this routine nightly until you notice results.

Cocoa Butter

This plant comes from the tropical regions of South and Central Americas. It is derived from the beans of cocoa trees which are super rich in vitamins A and E. Cocoa Butter can be absorbed 2-3 layers down the skin which makes it a powerful tool to help the skin heal.

How to: Lather cocoa butter liberally on the stretch mark.

How long: Do this routine twice a day or as often as you can until you notice results.

Virgin Coconut Oil

This ingredient might be laying around your house or pantry. This all-natural wonder product is rich in antioxidants which can help with with skin scarring.

How to: Massage a generous amount of of virgin coconut oil on your stretch marks.

How long: Do this routine daily until you see results.


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